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Foundation Windows and Accessories

For more than 30 years, County Form and Supply has served the unique needs of concrete contractors and homeowners throughout Wildwood, Missouri, and surrounding areas. We offer a range of top products, including window wells and safety grates. Visit our showroom today to explore your options for your new egress window at your residential or commercial property.

Egress Window

Installing Egress Window Wells at Your Location

When you are adding a basement to your home, there are a number of steps you must take to ensure that you meet all safety requirements. One important feature that is required by code is the addition of an egress window. This window is designed to provide an emergency escape in the event of a fire, flood, or other dangerous situation.

In addition to an egress window, we offer a variety of options for window wells. These products go around the outside of the window, giving you extra room to escape in the event of an emergency. We recommend these products to anyone who is pouring a foundation at a home. They are an important part of any construction project to meet code requirements.

Boman Kemp Basement Window Well

Boman Kemp Basement Window Wells

Manufactured from 18-Gauge steel, the White window well combines beauty and strength that will please even the most discerning homeowners. 

To view more Boman Kemp products, visit their website.

Boman Kemp Catalog

RockWell Window Well

The Benefits of a RockWell Window Well

Add the right egress solution to your basement window with one of the fiberglass wells from Rockwell. RockWell egress window wells have a stone texture that truly looks and feels like real stone. Adding great curb appeal and an aesthetically pleasing view both inside the house and outside, these stone texture window wells also allow for more light into an otherwise dark and drab basement. Egress window well covers are also available for the Elite Series. Rockwell also offers the new Denali well. The Denali is a rust-free, dent-free window well option created for the builder and homeowners wanting a more modern look. Call us today to discuss our competitive prices for these top products.

To view Rockwell products, visit their website.

Safety Grate on Basement Window

Vital Safety Grates for Your Structure

One of the biggest complaints homeowners have about basements is the lack of natural light. With a safety grate, you’ll protect the structure against an accidental fall in while still allowing maximum natural light into the lower level living area. These grates are available with an added plastic cover for additional protection from rain, snow, or debris. Choose our combination unit for the right setup at your space.

Egress Window

Monarch Stif Back II®

  • Durable one piece construction available in our NEW Stone View® pre-coated steel.
  • Flat, pre-punched flanges allow easy attachment to walls and frames.
  • Manufactured with 19 gauge steel and it's unique corrugation pattern makes it the strongest steel well in the industry with the testing to prove it.
  • Designed to withstand the pressure from heavy clay/soil and an aggressive back filling.
  • Custom sizes available.

To view the Monarch Stif Back II® window well, visit their website.