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Drainage Systems

Foundation drainage is a critical factor in keeping your home structurally safe by essentially waterproofing it. Lack of drainage can not only be dangerous, but very costly to repair. At County Form & Supply, we offer the materials you need to ensure a dry basement for years to come.

French Drain

A french drain is perforated drain pipe, sometimes wrapped in landscape fabric, which is surrounded by gravel. The drain is buried in a trench around the homes exterior. The perforations in the pipe allow water to easily enter or weep into the drain so it can direct the water away from the home.

Slope Drain

A french drain that is installed around the perimeter of your foundation walls, at the same level of the footing. Footing drains run along a slope to carry the water away more efficiently. The drainage usually carries the water to a pump, sewer or body of water.

Grading Drain

Consists of a landscape design in which the surface ground forms an incline away from the home. This can be achieved with dirt or a hard material such as concrete.

Sump Drain

Sump pits and pumps are essentially a catch basin for water, which is then pumped out once it collects a certain amount of water. Collection pipes run along the foundation walls interior, exterior or both. Sump pits and pumps are excellent for homes with poor drainage, or wet basements.